High Tea

Life as a Nanny
For a while now, I have been planning on starting a blog about my life as a Nanny. I want to share my experiences, creative ideas and adventures with all of you nannies, parents and carers and hear your stories too.

Now, for a bit about myself.
My career as a Nanny started in 2004 at the age of 20 when I moved to Brisbane from Townsville. Prior to this, I had been working at a Childcare Centre and completed my Certificate III in community services in Childcare. I loved the work, but I wanted to explore outside my hometown. The move to Brisbane was challenging enough on its own, let alone fitting into a new job and living away from my family and friends. I wasn’t used to the season changes, the traffic or working on my own for long hours at a time. I eventually got into the groove of things and enjoyed working for some great families for quite a few years.
I ended up missing the social side of working with a group of people and being part of a team so I applied for a position as Group Leader in a Childcare Centre and completed my Diploma of Children’s Services. I soon found my feet in Nannying again after a few years but this time, started my own business. I have been self-employed and loving it ever since! Sometimes I do miss having a large group of children to organise but I love what nannying offers me, freedom to spend as much time as I need fostering children’s development, enjoying the little things in life and building friendships with families. It offers me the time to start a blog and spend time on all my little side projects as well.
So here it goes!
The name Nanny Ju Ju came about by one of my (not so little now) charges called Tomas aka Captain Duck. Tomas couldn’t say my name Julie, Jules or Julianne so he came up with a name for me: Ju Ju. Although I have answered to many other names from children over the years, Ju Ju stuck and it suits!


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