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Mother’s Day Craft for Kids at Home

Roses are Red Violets are Blue What Mother’s Day craft have you got for your children to do? Have you given any thought to making some Mother’s Day Craft with your little ones? I have a few ‘go to’ craft activity ideas for Mother’s Day that I would like to share with you. The best part about these crafts is that you can use them … Continue reading Mother’s Day Craft for Kids at Home

Craft Activity: Painted Pine Cones

My little charges and I chose to paint the Pine Cones we brought back home with us from our City Outing┬áthe other day. We grabbed a muffin tray to section off the many coloured paints we wanted and set out different paintbrushes for some sensory and fine motor skill opportunities. One at a time each of my little charges picked up a paintbrush with their … Continue reading Craft Activity: Painted Pine Cones

Gingerbread at Christmas

Have you made Gingerbread yet? Let’s decorate our Gingerbreads…What decorations are we going to use? Sprinkles, Smarties, Candy Canes and Chocolate drops? What colour should the icing be? Red or Green or White or Yellow? What shapes do we get to decorate? Christmas Trees, Stars and Gingerbread Men? That’s the last lick of icing you are having!!! Continue reading Gingerbread at Christmas

Handprints at Christmas

To make a Christmas Wreath with your kidlet’s Handprints… All you need: Red Glitter or Paint Green Paint A bowl of water with a face washer PVA Glue Scissors Paintbrush A4 or A3 sized piece of paper/cardboard depending on the size you want Christmas coloured pipe cleaner or piece of ribbon to hang   All you do: Draw your best circle in the middle of … Continue reading Handprints at Christmas