What can you Count?

In the middle of our City excursion, we ate morning tea with the birds and discovered some fallen pine cones in the park. Game time! Nanny Ju Ju led the way marching to each pine cone we could see and counting them all the while. In the distance, the Clock Tower chimed… let’s count again. What else can we count?   Happy Counting! Continue reading What can you Count?

Play Facilitator: Observing parallel and social play

This week we had a playroom rearrange and a new kids table came upstairs that we perfectly positioned in the middle of our kids zone aka The Command Centre. Cars, airports, an animal farm and of course some cooking were simultaneously and creatively played using it. The construction of our Lego City started and was soon the most played with which included a Post Office, … Continue reading Play Facilitator: Observing parallel and social play