Tongs of Fun

Setting up a Play Project this morning to develop my little charges’ fine motor skills. Set up objects on the table…check. Supply a few pairs of tongs…check. Now to get the troops interested…check. It was interesting watching my little charges manoeuvre their tongs in order to pick up their desired object; carry it and then place it down again. Their hand – eye co ordination got … Continue reading Tongs of Fun

Park Activities: Following our Shadow

Take a walk in the sun today and see what follows you…do you see the shadow with you? Can you step on your shadow? Make it dance? Can you make it jump? What else can you make your shadow do? We took a break from scootering and walked along the rest of the pathway towards the Minnippi pond and found that something was following us…our … Continue reading Park Activities: Following our Shadow

Tracing for Kids: Hands and Feet

The game of tracing our hands and feet started one afternoon whilst stretching out on the floor drawing with a coloured pencil each. When we were loosing interest in free drawing I suggested tracing around a toy car that was sitting close by. We traced around the car, then another toy and another and another before Miss Mother Hubbard grabbed my foot and began tracing … Continue reading Tracing for Kids: Hands and Feet

Noughts and Crosses for Kids

What to do during our rest time slot? Grab some Paper and Pencils Line up a Noughts and Crosses grid Pick your opponent X or O Your turn first! THINK about where you want to place your Nought, LOOK at where you can place your Nought and BLOCK your opponent from getting 3 in a row! Now my turn… Think, Look, Block over and over … Continue reading Noughts and Crosses for Kids