Wax Drawing with Nanny Ju Ju

Craft Activties for Kids at home: Wax Monsters

Nanny Ju Ju's Wax HeartStuck for a new art idea? Try WAX! Draw a pattern, picture or your little charge’s name on a blank piece of paper with a candle. They won’t be able to see what you have drawn until they start colouring in the paper with crayons – magic!

Nanny Ju Ju's Wax Drawn MonsterI chose to draw a monster (that looks more like a teddy bear) because I had just watched Monsters Inc the week before so Sully was on my mind but you can draw anything! I asked my little charges to guess what the hidden picture was too.

Also try food colouring mixed with water to paint over the wax drawing, it is a lot messier activity but just as fun!


Happy Candle Doodling!


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