Kids Chalk Activities: Chalking It Up with the V8’s

img_6062I implemented my weekend away at the V8 SuperCars into a play project with my little charges…

Start your Engines!


We grabbed our coloured chalk and I got a bit carried in the detail again. We drew checkered flags, a start and finish line, starting positions and of course our traffic lights. We chose a number for our bikes and rolled up to our starting pole positions.

Time to jump in our Supercars! On your Mark, Get Set and Go!


Miss Prankster starting out in front, Mr Dude overtook on the first corner, Miss Mother Hubbard followed closely behind. Miss Prankster stopped into Pit Lane and Mr Dude finished off the straight at flying speed. Around the last corner they all came, Mr Dude crosses the finish line while Miss Prankster stopped for yet another Pit Stop and Miss Mother Hubbard walked her bike across the line (because she felt like it).

First Race done and dusted! Well Done all Racers!


Let their imaginations race with this experience…gross motor skills and a sense of self within their creativity are being utilized during this activity.


Happy Chalking it up on the Race Track!


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