Separation anxiety – a Nanny’s point of view

How do you help your little ones with their separation anxiety?

Why by creating an interactive timeline map!Interactive Separation Anxiety Map with Nanny Ju JuUsing paper, pencils and sticky tape, I make a Map, incorporating drawings of the Home, a Train Station, a Train and Mummy’s Work. I then tape the Map to the lower kitchen cupboards at the little ones height. I then made a paper Heart to represent Mummy and used blu tack so I could move the Heart around the Map.

As part of our morning routine, we drive Mummy to the train station and wave her goodbye. Once we arrive back home, we sit at the Map and using the heart, we move it to where Mummy is and discuss why she is there. This starts to help the little ones to build an understanding of Mummy’s day.

“Where do we take Mummy in the morning?” I say.

“To the Station!” they say. I place the Heart on the Train Station.

“Mummy waits for the Train to take her to the City to her work” I say and place the Heart on the Train. There are usually questions at this point, so I pause for a few moments. They also often repeat my words.

The final placement for the Heart is at Mummy’s Work – the City Building.

“Where is Mummy now?” Sometimes the little ones start to tear up a bit or ask to see Mummy. I reassure them that Mummy is fine and will be home later today.

After a few times using the interactive Map, the little ones are able to anticipate the various locations on the Map and to understand where and why Mummy is.

Separation Anxiety is normal for children of all ages. It is important for the children to express their emotions and be comforted to enable them to develop a sense of security. My interactive Map assists with this and their independence.

For more information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Nanny Ju Ju.


Happy Comforting!



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