Beach Activities: Digging and Discovering

Our day at the beach consisted of hauling a big bag of play equipment down to our shady spot on the beachfront and spending a good 20 minutes at the end of our outing searching for one of the forks that was hidden in the sand that was missing. We made sand castles, cake and sand pies; poured wet sand and water from containers to the teapot to the cups and then into the ocean; swooshed our hands and feet in the dug out hole and then got them stuck in it from Nanny Ju Ju tipping a bucket of water into fill it up. The squeals of excitement echoed across the beach in tune with the squawking seagulls hanging about for food scraps.

We kicked our feet in the waves crashing onto the shore and step stoned onto the little sand islands created from the outgoing tide. Boats and planes were spotted from afar in addition to enjoying our beautiful day at the beach.

Making discoveries, sensory play, being curious, contributing ideas, thoughts and creativity, exploring and learning opposites and comparing them, coming across basic volume and strengthening their fine and gross motor skills are all in play throughout this little beach experience.


Happy Digging and Discovering!



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