Library Activities: Borrowing Books

A visit to the local library sparked some interest so we decided to make a game out of our little trip. I set up the dining chairs in a row for our book shelves and everyone helped grab the many many many books and place them on the chairs. After some extensive searching for the toy credit cards we each got given one to use as a library card. We then chose a bag to carry for our borrowed books.

 A conversation started about Why we borrow the books and not buy them. That was a pretty in depth discussion and I’m not quite sure it was completely understood but we went along with it…note to nanny self – touch back on this topic next time we visit the library.

We made an Open and Closed sign for our little library as well as a desk for checking out the items and scanning the barcodes. Head Librarian was picked and away we went.

Library Activities with Nanny Ju Ju.jpgThe Game Play: We each took turns at looking through and picking out the books we wanted to take home. Placing them on the check out desk and giving the librarian our card to scan prompted some turn taking and using our nice words and manners. Listening to my nanny kids vocalize the ‘beep’ of the scanned book was quite cute. We went home (the lounge room) with our borrowed books and sat on the couch to read them before returning the books to the check in box back at the library entrance.Nanny Ju Ju Library Bag

It was great to see some skills being developed during this Nanny Ju Ju Play Project: anticipating the process of the game; working in a group situation with a role for everyone; communication verbal and non verbal in various situations as well as developing some enjoyment and interest in books, pictures and the literature.

Happy Libraries!


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