Making a Ballerina

I found this art activity on Instagram and thought it was cute, have a go at making one and doing some ballet with your little charges afterwards!Making Ballerinas with Nanny Ju Ju.jpg

All you need:

Coloured paper



Paddle pop stick

Glue or sticky tape

Piece of ribbon about 5 – 10 centimetres long.

All you do:

Cut some triangles out of the coloured paper. Tie your piece of ribbon to the top of your stick. Draw a face underneath where the ribbon is tied/positioned. Attach the triangle onto the stick with glue or tape and Voilà you have a Ballerina!

Alternatively you could draw some hair at the top of the stick with a face and then tie the ribbon underneath or you could cut out a more detailed dress and attach it. The options are endless!

This activity enhances children to explore a favourite subject in this case a Ballerina, through a different medium.


Happy ballerinaing!


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