Magnet Fishing with Nanny Ju Ju

An idea for a game came from some Book Inspiration – Piranha’s Don’t Eat Bananas. I began drawing some baby Piranha fish; attached a paper clip to each and tied a magnetic letter to a wooden spoon using a pipe cleaner…the tools I found around the house worked as effectively as any other equipment like fishing line or string.

Give it a Whirl!

Hand–eye co ordination, developing a positive approach to challenges and understanding the turn taking processes are all being fostered in this activity.

All you need:

paper clips

paper to draw on

magnetic letter

some sort of rod – chop stick, coat hanger

pipe cleaner or string – easier to tie around the magnet

All you do:

Print out my baby fish template or draw your own. Slip on a paper clip near the mouth. Tie a magnetic letter or some sort of magnet to your Rod with your pipe cleaner or string and start fishing!


Happy Fishing!


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