A Checklist Activity

A little while ago we watched some machinery at a construction site while waiting to drive through some road works. We had counted 5 different machines when a little light bulb went off – let’s make a checklist!

Drawing activity: We grabbed a piece of paper, some pencils and started drawing a grid to section our items to check off. I asked Mr Dude to draw something we saw earlier that day. He chose a Digger, then a Bus, a Tractor, a City Cat, the Crane above the service station…the list went on. I labelled each one mainly so I could remember what each picture was and also for Mr Dude to recognise the letters and words. This checklist that we hand drawn lasted for about a week before Miss Prankster and Miss Mother Hubbard wanted in and we needed some more descriptive pictures.

Thanks to Busy Mum (cannot remember the link sorry) – my Nanny Parent found a great picture checklist and I got to printing it out and creating another activity for the kidlets to do.

Making the Checklist: I helped Mr Dude cut and paste all the pictures onto our allocated blue piece of paper which was a great opportunity to work on his fine motor skills with some scissor skills. I helped Miss P and Miss MH paste their pictures on before drawing lines to make a grid for our ticks and then laminated the sheets so we could use them over and over again.

The Texta activity: We all sat upstairs for a good view of the street to watch the traffic, had a texta each to mark off each item on the checklist and then I started to ask them some questions.

“Who can see a Truck?”

“What is that vehicle?”

“Can we see a birdie anywhere?”

“What else is on your checklist?”

As we saw each item I asked them to mark off the picture on their checklist. We continued down our checklists until 10 items were marked off.

The Car activity: We took this exercise to the car during a trip to the library to explore a different side of checking off our items. (be aware of the amount of texta markings that may appear all over the car seats, hands, arms and their little faces as I found out during our little car trip).

My gosh this is a great experience for developing so many skills! Here are a few that I have focused on. Recognizing familiar objects; naming and matching them to a visual checklist all develop their problem solving abilities. It enables their ability to follow simple instructions and repeat actions like pointing to objects and comparing it to the pictured object. It also encourages speech and pronunciation, an age appropriate attention span; asking questions; mark making and communicating their discoveries and anticipating the basis of the experience.


Happy Checklisting!


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