My Day’s To Do List…

*Goop Play in backyard – cornstarch and water – Sensory Play

*Bike Races – beat our best times – Nanny Ju Ju 12 sec (blue scooter)   Miss Mother Hubbard 27 sec (pink scooter)   Mr Dude 15 sec (bike and tractor)

*Build an Airport Runway then a Tower then a Helipad then a shed for the cars then a Fire Station then deliver an A380 on the Lego flatbed truck via the Port of Brisbane.

*Toy tidy up, make toasted sandwiches Under the Gorilla (where else do you make toasted sandwiches?)                  Shopping List: butter, eggs, plain flour – make Jam Drops

*Draw a Treasure Map for the backyard

*Trace toy shapes – Hide n Seek Game

*Read the Antarctica Expedition library book

*Find recipe for Mango Chicken Casserole


Happy To Do Listing!


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