Sand Digging

An exciting Nanny Ju Ju Play Project for some busy little hands was hiding a few objects in the toy tackle box and filling it up with Kinetic Sand. Passing a thick paintbrush to one of my little charges we put on our explorer hats and began dusting and digging to discover the many ‘fossils’ – cars, farm animals, plastic shapes and 50 cent coins that Nanny Ju Ju had hidden.

By using Kinetic sand my little charges were able to see and feel it clumping and moulding itself to their hands and objects in the tackle box. It also made the brushing off of sand a bit more challenging for them.

Today’s Play Project: Sand and Water at the local park. We took the same toolbox and equipment down to the local playground and filled it with sand before adding some water from my drink bottle. The little charges enjoyed the same activity in different scenery I think.

A fun and simple experience like this gives my little charges the opportunity to foster many developmental goals without them even knowing. First there are the physical fine motor skills being developed and the senses they are using to explore, before advancing into the cognitive skills such as showing persistence in the challenge of finding the objects hidden within the sand; making discoveries through their own curiosity and imagination and recognising their ability to complete the task.

My little charges showed such excitement for this experience that everyone wanted many turns at this activity so it was a good chance to develop the concept of sharing and turn taking also.


Happy Discovering!


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