Letter & Sound Recognition: My Quick Alphabet Template

letter-soundsMy Quick Alphabet Template worked a treat for my little charge Mr Dude. We pointed to each letter of the alphabet as I prompted him to recognise them one at a time and make each letter’s sound…aaa…bbb…cccc.

“What letter is this?”

“What sound does the letter ‘O’ make?

As we progressed through the ABC’s we placed a tick under each letter correctly recognized and sound spoken – this helps keep track of the progress over the coming weeks and also add a bit of fun for Mr Dude using an adult pen.

To add a bit more to this activity I typed up the alphabet (from a Pinterest download – Name Writing Practice), printed it out and laminated the sheets of paper. Then next time we ‘worked’ on our letter recognition we traced over each letter of the Alphabet whilst saying the letter and making the corresponding sound. Once he had traced 3 letters I added the task of circling each letter and joining them together with a line to each one as an extra activity.

The next step…after a few weeks of tracing we tried writing his own letters! Exciting stuff! I drew each letter on a separate circle for visual aids and we spelt out a particular word – car, truck, his name etc. Once we had a word I asked him to copy one letter at a time onto his piece of paper. To make it a little bit of fun Mr Dude chose the word, colour of paper and his favourite coloured texta.

This activity not only promoted letter recognition but also pronunciation. Repetition of these types of activities helps foster the concept of letters and then words; it strengthens the development a pincer grip as well as exploring mark making and pre writing experiences.

I reckon it is essential to keep kids interested and by doing so the enjoyment level will stay up so mixing things up a bit is a good idea. We also made letters out of all sorts of things…paddle pops and match sticks, painting, chalk pieces, kitchen utensils, raw spaghetti, magnetic letters, books you name it.


Happy Lettering!


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