Inside The Toy Box

inside-the-toy-box-with-nanny-ju-juThe best way to look for something in the toy box is to just hop on in and explore! Getting back out is the tricky part but still fun and vocal with the Two Toddlers Miss Prankster and Miss Mother Hubbard. I took the Toy Box play as an opportunity to introduce Opposites…while placing items like books, toys (and the odd child) into the box I chanted the corresponding action. It wasn’t long before the Two Toddlers became parrots and picked up on the words and actions: up, down, on, under, in and out. I led this play into a few dancing songs with the up and down actions…thanks The Wiggles.inside-the-toy-box-with-nanny-ju-ju-1Cute moment: As I unpacked the dishwasher and placed the plates into the lower cupboards Miss Prankster said in her little voice, “Down, Up, Down, Up.” as she proceeded to do the actions with me. I guess she saw an opportunity for opposites too!inside-the-toy-box-with-nanny-ju-ju-2

Happy Opportunity Seeking!




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