Make Believe Play: Captain Duck

I was reminiscing the other day about the make believe games Captain Duck and I use to play to pass the time whilst going about his daily routine of bathing, getting dressed etc.’I’m Gail’ came to mind which stemmed from an afternoon when my mum came to do some gardening during house-sitting for Captain Duck’s parents. While driving himself around in the backyard, he saw the piles of weeds my mum had left for me to clear away. Captain Duck asked what had happened and I explained all the pulling and ripping out of weeds, sawing down the branches and how I hadn’t done my part of the job yet – clearing away the rubbish. Captain Duck decided to drive in his powered wheelchair over the tops of the piles of debris and listen to the snaps, crunches and twangs the branches made. These noises then set off an enormous giggling session before driving over the next pile.

So now you know the background to our game, here comes the rest. Captain Duck was in the shower…

“Captain Duck, what do you want to play?”

“I’m Gail”

“Ok then, what do we do first?”

“We chop down the branches.”

“Alright. Chop Chop Chop…”

“And Bang! it fell down.” Captain Duck liked to make the loud noises. “Now let’s put them in a pile so I can drive over.”

“Ok.” I make believe I picked up the huge pile of branches we just chopped down (in the bathroom mind you) and place them in a pile on the floor. “Are you ready for me to drive over them Captain Duck?”

“YES!” he says in between uncontrollable excitement and giggles.

“It is your turn now Captain Duck.”

“Ok, here I come…nnnneeeeeerrrrrrrnnnnneeeeeerrrrrrr pop pop crackle crunch crunch.” followed by large amounts of hysterical laughter from both of us.

I think the best times were make believing our own games. We have some great inside jokes going on today because of it.




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