How Many Times – A Toddler’s persistence

The Cruskit vs Nanny Ju Ju

3 chomps of the cruskit…”Finished now Jules! Me play”

“Eat up the rest of your cruskit please”

2 seconds later…”Finished now, me play”

“Soon sweetie, you need to eat your cruskit”

Another second later and two more chomps…”Me finished now”
I dont know how many times I have said it or need to say it but I do…many many times a day because I believe in consistency and at a toddler’s age it seems all you do is repeat yourself.

So if I followed this little one’s ‘me finished’ spiel I would be giving into the current Toddler mindset towards ‘finished’ food. That being they are not understanding/accepting the word finished (but they are trying to).

‘Me finished’ starts the chain reaction of 1. grab the wipes 2. help them get down from the table and 3. take the plates to the kitchen…then I get the “No NO No!”; the whinging; the unacceptance of taking a half sort of eaten plate of food from them; an I wasn’t finished with it look and “My food, my FOOD.”. This current Toddler course of action makes me certain they aren’t finished with their food. Hence my consistent, “You need to eat your cruskit.”

In my role as a nanny I repeat certain phrases and practices daily, monthly and with each family until my little charges start repeating it back to me (true story!). With my newbies I have found myself wanting to explain to them (currently 2 years old) that I have done this before, “Would you like to see my resume on how much experience I have with toddlers?!” They just look up at me with their cheeky smiling faces.

Happy Persevering!


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