Making the Bed with Sleeping Beauty

Have you tried making a bed while a little Scallywag tells you who she wants to be for Book Week? And as she hops from one end of the bed to the other explains the story to you? (because why would I, a nanny have ever heard of Sleeping Beauty in my profession!)

Who are you dressing up as? Nanny Ju Ju asks curiously.

Aurora announced Miss Scallywag.

I know you, I walked with you Once Upon A Dream

Miss Scallywag looks astonished that Nanny Ju Ju knows the lyrics to the song.

Do you remember the birds dancing with the prince’s clothes?

No there are no birds in Aurora, that’s Princess Sofia. remarks Miss Scallywag.

I beg to differ my dear. We need to find the Princess book and look for Aurora’s story.

It’s on number 107! I know this because I have read it.

Yes Miss Scallywag. says Nanny Ju Ju embracing the fact that she will be making all the kidlet’s beds today with Miss Scallywag announcing when it’s ‘Time to Hop’ to the other end of the bed as the layers of sheets go on and all the while listening to the story (Miss Scallywag’s version) of Sleeping Beauty.

Happy Book Week!



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