When Miss Scallywag was a Toddler

At bath time one night, Miss Scallywag did not want to hop out. After some convincing the sulky face appeared as she stepped out of the tub and the towel was wrapped around her. Once Miss Scallywag was in her room she threw the biggest tantrum I had ever seen…she sent her towel across the room and her clothes onto the floor before she threw herself onto the bed and screamed at the top of her lungs, I don’t want to get dressed!

You have 5 minutes to stop crying and get dressed. When I open this door and if you are not dressed you will be going straight to bed with no teddy and no dummy. Nanny Ju Ju closed the door and waited.

5 minutes passed, silence in her room besides the faint sound of sniffling. Nanny Ju Ju opened the door to see Miss Scallywag completely dressed and with a smile on her face. I’m all dressed now Julie. came a little voice.

I still to this day do not know precisely what the problem was but I have come to realize that sometimes that is just what Toddlers Do.

Do you have any Toddler Tales?


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