Observing the Little Ones

My little charges often wonder how I know what they have been up to or how I saw them do something when they thought no one was watching. My answer to most of their questions used to be: Nannies have a set of eyes in the back of their heads. Now that my three scallywags are all over the age of 5 and they have figured out that I in fact do not have a second set of eyes I can’t use that line anymore. Instead I just say, I have my ways.

I’m sure many of you have snuck up on your kids and little charges to check out what they were up to during playtime or why they were so quiet or even catching them out of bed when they should of been sleeping. At the age of 2 and 3 years old they were embracing their independence and I would follow the scallywags’ footsteps and movements after asking them to do something like complete a task…put their shoes away or wash their hands; look for their sticker book or get changed into their pyjamas after bath time. Observing from a distance would give me an understanding of their abilities and how they would approach challenges and tasks they faced. I could relay to their parents the scallywags’ level of independence, role playing, exploration and the positive and negative attitudes towards the recognition of their own abilities.

What do you notice when observing your little charges?


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