Santa’s Beard

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

Nanny Ju Ju’s Santa Beard
                           A little twist to an idea found on Pinterest. To make this curly Santa Beard…

All you need:

A piece of A4 paper



Sticky Tape

Hole Punch

Piece of ribbon or string/wool long enough to wrap around your kidlet’s head and tie in a bow.

All you do:

Print out the template (or draw your own) of the Curly Santa Beard and cut around the outline of the beard and moustache. Help your kidlet cut along the vertical lines down Santa’s Beard.

Nanny Ju Ju’s Santa Beard

Now for the tricky part…roll each piece of Santa’s Beard around a pencil to create a curl. Repeat this process for all pieces .

Turn the Beard over now and hole punch each end of the moustache. Thread your piece of ribbon/string or wool through the holes and tie around your kidlet’s head. You can use sticky tape to secure the wool to the paper beard.

Nanny Ju Ju’s Santa Beard
Santa’s Beard

Happy Bearding! 


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