Handprints at Christmas

To make a Christmas Wreath with your kidlet’s Handprints…IMG_1388

All you need:

Red Glitter or Paint

Green Paint

A bowl of water with a face washer

PVA Glue



A4 or A3 sized piece of paper/cardboard depending on the size you want

Christmas coloured pipe cleaner or piece of ribbon to hangIMG_1381


All you do:

Draw your best circle in the middle of your paper about the size of a saucer or upside down bowl. This will be your guideline for where to place the handprints.

Lay your towel on the floor and have your bowl of water and face washer at the ready.IMG_1382

Now for the fun part… Paint your kidlet’s hand with green paint and then place their palm towards the circle with their fingers facing out to the edge of the paper. (if during the painting process your kidlet becomes ticklish, try placing the green paint onto a plastic plate and placing a wet sponge on top. Press their hand lightly onto the sponge and you will see the paint seeping through).IMG_1383

Repeat this process until you have printed handprints all the way around the inner circle.

After you have cleaned up all the green handprints in the bathroom if you are lucky enough to get their hands washed without paint everywhere WELL DONE! You can now add some blobs of glue and sprinkle the red glitter over the top.

Wait until the paper is all dry and then cut out the inner circle as well as around the finger tips to give the wreath a leaf effect.

Now you can hang it up by threading the ribbon or pipe cleaner through the middle.

Happy Wreathing!


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