Introducing Independent Play

‘Build them up, build them up, build them higher….’

A block building session today with some coloured wooden block shapes took place in Nanny Ju Ju’s Office…the playroom floor.

My little charge The Rockstar proposed to build a city for animals. The council plans were given the tick of approval (Nanny Ju Ju could see a learning opportunity) and so construction was underway!

Where are the monkeys going to live?

In the tower.

The Learning part of the task: to build a replica tower from the picture on the block box. Nanny Ju Ju emphasised, “Try to build the tower by yourself and I’m here if you need any help.

This task promotes independent play, problem solving, colour & shape recognition and self esteem.

The Rockstar showed confidence at the beginning and needed some reassurance along the way which is on track for a 3.5 year old. Nanny Ju Ju’s level of interaction was mostly verbal…

  • Which block is next?
  • What shape is that block?
  • Is that the same colour as the one on the box?”
The Rockstar’s Tower

Looking ahead it will be interesting to see how she tackles the next few independent playing activities set out for her.


Happy Independent Playing!


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