Halloween: Scary Jam Drops

It all started with reading a library book in the front yard on a day in October…around the time of Halloween. The book was about a scared little spider and I enjoyed it as much as my two little charges did.

The idea of Scary Jam Drops arose from Mr Spud wanting to draw some scary spiders and on that day I had planned to make the favourite biscuit of the month – Jam Drops.

We grabbed some paper and an adult pen as, “We are old enough to use them now.” We listed our ingredients and drew a scary looking spider next to them. Mr Spud cut his out and told me we could label the biscuit container with his picture so mummy and daddy knew what was inside – love his thinking!

My little charges helped gather the ingredients from the pantry; washed their hands and hopped onto the bench to watch Nanny Ju Ju mix all the flour, sugar and butter together to make the dough.

How do we make a spider?” Miss Scallywag questioned Nanny Ju Ju.

Scary Spider 1

Hmm, let’s pretend it’s play dough and make the legs long sausages and stick them to a ball for the body.

Ok, I can do that.

How many legs does a Spider have?


Not that many Miss Scallywag.

8.Scary Spider 2

With the left over dough we made eyeballs! Funny enough Jam Drop eyeballs turn into the common Jam Drop – my little charges enjoyed munching on them anyway.Scary Spider ready to eat

Happy Jam Dropping!


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