Craft Activities for Kids at home: HALLOWEEN!

Happy Halloween as they say…my favourite part of Halloween is the craft I get to do with my many little charges and of course carving out a pumpkin and getting dressed up and oh ok everything about Halloween is my favourite.

I chose some craft activities from Pinterest (click on the link to find the pins I used), got the supplies together and rallied up the troops to get crafting!

Frankenstein Feet:

All you need:
Some pieces of paper
Green Paint
Googly Eyes
Black Texta
Bucket of water and a face washer

All you do: Lay your towel on the ground and have your bucket of water and face washer at the ready. Lay your paper on the towel and start painting your little foot.

The tricky part – Once it is covered with enough green paint to make a decent footprint place your little charge’s foot on the paper to make the print.

Painting FeetFrankenstein FootThen wash their feet in the bucket of water – this is a very easy and mess free way of cleaning up when making footprints and handprints.

Quickly get your little charges to place their google eyes on the wet paint and let it dry. It’s time to draw on the bolts and mouth of Frankenstein once the paint has dried.

Spider Webs:

Scallywags SpiderwebAll you need:
Paper Plates
Wool/String (I used thin plastic tubing)
Hole Punch
Sticky Tape

All you do:
Firstly cut out the inner circle of a paper plate then hole punch 6 holes evenly spaced around the left over paper plate.

Now take a length of string or wool and help your little charge thread it back and forth through the 6 holes making a spider web pattern. Tie off the excess when you are happy with your pattern and secure some ribbon for a loop to hang your Spider Web from.

Now your little charge can decorate their spider web with jewels and draw a little Spider on the remaining edge of the paper plate.Spuds Spiderweb


Squid's BatScallywag's BatAll you need:
Black textas
Black Cardboard
Paper Towel empty rolls

All you do:

Carefully bend the top edges of the paper towel roll so that they overlap a little and create *ears*, a few drops of glue to secure this fold will help keep them in place.

Your little charges can draw some wacky bat faces or even cut out some eyes with black paper and glue them onto the roll.

Draw some bat wings to fit the tube, cut them out and glue them to the back on the tube. There you have a little Bat friend!

Happy Halloweening!


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