Hand Stands with Nanny Ju Ju

A few months ago now my little charges conquered hand stands…we had been practicing on the grass for our soft landings before moving onto an exercise to strengthen their little arms and keep their balance.

The couch was a great place for this! We placed a cushion on the ground behind the couch…we put our heads on the cushion and with a lot of determination we pushed off with our feet. After several attempts one of my little charges got his back against the couch and with his feet up in the air he balanced for about 5 seconds…He Did It! Handstands

It wasn’t long before little charge number two got the momentum and succeeded also! Now for some upside down push ups…within a few attempts my little charges were counting how long they could stay with their legs in the air and exclaiming, “Look at me!”


Happy Couch Handstanding


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