Alice and the Girls

The car was loaded with the boot basket, some morning tea and our imagination…where to go? Our destination was the Alice in Wonderland themed park tucked behind Newstead House.

Over the hill we walked and the sheer sight of the maze, chess board and funky mirror was enough to make the girls gasp in wonder.
What to do first?

“We have to say hello to the White Rabbit.”The White RabbitMy little charges attempted to unlock the door – looks of puzzlement were upon their faces.

We then followed the path to the maze and along the way found shiny pictures stuck to the pavement:Pavement Drawing 2 Pavement Drawing 1

We chose our favourite pavement pictures we wanted to draw and sat down to start doodling away in our notebooks.

The maze spat us out at a set of stairs that led to the life-size chess board. We ran to the funky mirror and pulled faces at each other until a huge gust of wind whirled past and sent the fallen leaves and loose flowers sprinting over the hill in front of us.

Where will your imagination take you?

Happy Wonderlanding!


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