Paper Craft Castles

It was a SHAPE day with Nanny Ju Ju on this fine Thursday morning. I grabbed some coloured pieces of paper from our collage kit and began drawing a shape for Miss Scallywag to recognise and name. “A Tower!” was her response to my rectangle. So what to do with this I wondered…Paper Craft Castles.

Paper Castles:

Paper castle template 2Paper castle template 3

I drew some shapes on different colour paper so Miss Scallywag could cut them out:

  • Pink squares (bricks)
  • Yellow triangles(roof tops)
  • Orange rectangles (towers)
  • Purple Castle (outline)

Once all the shapes were cut out we pasted the shapes onto the castle template.

Paper castle template 4 Paper castle template 5


Plenty of opportunities to develop many skills: shape and colour recognition; following directions; fine motor co-ordination and cognitive skills…do bricks go on the roof?



Hint: Have a rubbish bin close by to allow children to clean up their mess as they go as cutting creates a lot of tiny pieces.

Happy Paper Castling!


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