What a Tractor does best

We arrived at New Farm Park and instead of playing in the treehouse playground our attention was caught by the park’s caretaker and the bright green tractor he was driving. Opportunity Alert: to find out just What a Tractor does Best!

We took up residence under a tree close enough to see the Tractor in action but far enough away so we could hear over the noisy motor.

What is the Tractor doing?” – “Moving the mulch around the gardens.

What does mulch do?” – “Mulch looks after the plant’s roots.

How do you make it?” – “By mixing paper, bark, and food scraps

My little charges watched tentatively as the Tractor was being driven around to do ‘it’s jobs’ and the movements it made in the process.

Opening and closing the bucket…driving forward and backwards…smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe…the levers and the noise levels changing with the roar of the engine.

We turned into Tractors ourselves using sticks for the levers and shuffled around the picnic rug making ‘CHUG CHUG CHUG noises and stopping to pick up the leaves with our bucket hands.

Our conversation turned to the Tractor’s number plate, Mr Spud made out the numbers and letters and so we made our own number plates with the pens and paper we bought along with us.

Number Plate

What will you come across that changes the direction of your day?


Happy Tractoring!


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