Art for the Young

Starting off your kidlet young in the creative experiences?

It can be overwhelming with the choice of art to do, the mess and finding something age appropriate. No promises they won’t try to shove something up their nose or try a taste test…but if you supply some guidelines and supervise a lot! You may just find the end result to be a piece of beautiful abstract art.

In the proud eyes of a loving mother, father or carer you may just find that in the 10 minutes dedicated to the prevention of pen ink and crayon smudges from ending up all over the place the random scribbles turn out to be something that goes in the bin BUT you do have to start somewhere and with time your kidlet will develop their pincer grip, their colour recognition and hopefully the area of mess and churn out some thoughtful, loving and clever art.

Guidelines: (these are more for you) stick to one medium at a time, just crayons or pencils. Too many choices can overwhelm them and the attention span is shortened quickly. Each week change the medium from pencils or crayons to pens or textas and then into play dough, painting etc. After a few weeks it’s a good idea to leave them to draw (from a supervised distance) so you can time their attention span and to see if they have an interest in the experience. If they don’t seem to or end up throwing the pencils across the room and ripping the paper to bits each time you get out your drawing kit, try the experience at different times of the day. If ripping interests them make a game out of it, it’s important to let them explore. You may just have a little assistant to help you create a paper mache bowl for your next craft project!

Have a set time to do some drawing that way you can focus on the experience. Do some drawing yourself and draw on each other’s paper, this non verbal communication shows your kidlet it is an activity that you enjoy doing.

Happy Drawing!


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