Roger That Rubber Ducky

What would a ride in the park be without a set of Walkie Talkies?

I ask myself this at least once a week because I get to play with them every week, I love my job! I do this because it is a favourite game of my little charge (let’s call him Captain Duck). Any opportunity we get to use our walkie talkies we do. Before school – a quick ride around the yard. Hide n Seek in the house and even in the car ride to school. Yes we are Obsessed.

Captain Duck and I enjoy a ride through big open fields, making sticks crunch underneath us and sneaking our way through long grass. Captain Duck calls them, “Through the forest and jungles”. My little charge laughs at the sound walkie talkies make…beep beep….static…beep…he has dropped his walkie talkie many times because of the fits of laughter that envelops him on these walks of ours.

Captain Duck has a bit of trouble pressing the correct button to talk so I came up with a plan to put an arm band on his less dominant left hand (around his wrist) and clipped his walkie talkie to it. This allowed him to access the talk button using only his pointer finger on his right hand. We could spend most of the day at the park as long as we have our walkie talkies.

In this case, my little charge is growing his independence by using the walkie talkie and going off to explore a part of the yard, house and park by himself but having me close by to help if he gets stuck in any way. Finding a way to get him to use the walkie talkie by himself was important as it gave him self confidence as well as helping him to develop his fine motor skills. Captain Duck manoeuvres himself around in a wheelchair so self esteem and independence is key. It takes some thinking as to how we can make a game of hide n seek with walkie talkies a fun one!

Happy Walkie Talking!


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