Creating a Template for Kids

Simple templates are helpful and an easy way to entertain my little charges.

Templates can be made out of paper or cardboard and even laminated afterwards which makes it easy to store, trace and last through the wear and tear of little hands.

The ideas for templates are endless, especially if you get some help from the kidlets.

A few of my favourites: Templates

Heart  Pointy Crown  Mini Crown  Crown  

Mushrooms  Star  Sail Boat  Seagull

Once the kidlets trace their chosen template onto cardboard get them to cut it out (if they are confident with scissors) and decorate it. For a short decoration time drawing in texta, pencil or crayons enables play straight away but for a more dedicated decorating session include the use of glitter pens; foam shapes; sequins and paint.

Hint: If your kidlets are making crowns allow plenty of drying time so you don’t have any sliding jewels.

Hint: You can print out your templates onto some A4 thin cardboard by inserting a piece into your printer so it’s sturdier to decorate.

Crown Template Instructions:

I like choices when it comes to making Crowns…I have three templates above so I thought I better include some simple instructions for how to construct your kidlet’s chosen design.

Once you print out the template onto cardboard and the task of decorating has finished, next comes the construction and head measuring fun.

Mini Crown: Cut a long strip of cardboard that will fit around your kidlet’s head and staple or sticky tape to secure each end to each other. Then simply secure the Mini Crown with some glue or sticky tape.

Crown: Are you ready for some cutting? Grab a small pair of scissors as there are some fiddly parts to cut around with this Crown. Make two copies of this template then overlap the two end points of the Crown with each other and secure inplace with a few staples. Measure the little head it is going to go around with the Crown and secure the two ends with some more sticky tape or a few staples.

Hint: If the Crown templates don’t quite fit your kidlet then just print out another, line it up with another point as per instructions and cut off the excess.

Pointy Crown: Once the template is cut (stripped section is to cut off and throw away) out you will find two halves of the Pointy Crown. Match A1 to A2 and secure in place with sticky tape or a few staples. Measure the little head it is going to go around with the Pointy Crown and secure the two ends with some more sticky tape or a few staples.

Happy Templating and Crowning!


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