Wombat Stew

Wombat Stew Wombat Stew Dance

So Echidna dug up all sorts of creepy crawlies and dropped them into the gooey, chewy, crunchy stew.

Playing Wombat Stew with my little charges – I was the wombat this time and as I stood in the green stew bucket I could have sworn something bit me on the toe! I didn’t have much say in what went into the Stew this time (as I have played it enough that my little charges know how it goes) but as I was held prisoner watching my little charges add rocks, twigs, leaves, dirt, sand and grass along with some insects I was proud of the role playing and imagination taking place.

I cannot tell you how much I love the story of Wombat Stew and at every opportunity I get I play a version of the game, either throwing thin air into a pot – lizard guts, an apple core, an egg, a splash of chocolate milk or out in the garden actually adding sticks, grass clipping and berries along with a child or two into a pot of some sort. I am still amazed that my little charges aren’t sick of (or maybe they are but they just like entertaining me) hearing me chant…

Wombat Stew, Wombat Stew, gooey, brewy, yummy, chewy, Wombat Stew!

Happy Stewing!


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