Our little Tree House

Walking StickA favourite activity of my little charges is collecting sticks – big ones to use as a walking staff and dragging behind us while we walk or little ones to use as aeroplanes flying through the sky.

During an autumn day at our local park Mr Spud and Little Miss Scallywag wanted to build a pretend fire near our Make Believe Tree House in the root system of a Poinciana tree. We collected some straight – looking sticks and began to place them into a teepee shape, it was a tricky task making the sticks balance against each other while adding more and more to make the bundle. There was lots of laughter watching them fall over and over again but we eventually all built a fire each and counted how many sticks each other used…there is always an opportunity to learn!

Make Believe Tree HouseOur Make Believe Tree House had many rooms, we had a lounge room for daddy to watch tv, a kitchen to make yummy cupcakes, a bathroom and three bedrooms – even one for Nanny Ju Ju. We spent most of the time in the kitchen making things to eat and using nuts, leaves and more sticks to make a delicious strawberry birthday cake. Little Miss Scallywag used some small sticks to use as candles, Blow them out, It’s your Birthday!poinciana tree house

“Whooo, did I blow them all out?”

Yep, now you can eat your cake.

Happy Tree Housing!


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