Run my little Gingerbreads run

The pathway at a favourite park has been revamped into two pathways – one for walking traffic and the other for cyclists. An excellent improvement as when the Scallywags were younger and finding their feet and learning how to ride scooters, sharing one popular pathway was a bit hazardous. On this particular day myself and my little charges played a game of bird spotting (we counted up to 23) one of my little charges came across a freshly painted outline of a person walking. My little charge exclaimed, “The Gingerbread Man!”

Gingerbreadman 2Gingerbreadman 1


“Run run as fast as you can,

You can’t catch me, 

I’m the Ginger Bread Man”



And so the ‘Run my little Gingerbreads run’ game began, we ran and ran along the pathway to the find the next Gingerbread Man as there were several along the very long pathway.


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