Tips for getting children to eat fruit

I find that children benefit from making a game out of things and turning it into a learning experience. So here are some tips for getting children to eat fruit.

Fruit Kebabs: Chop up your variety of fruit into bite sized pieces suitable for poking a wooden skewer through. Think of some yummy combinations like:

Pineapple, Grape and Watermelon

Orange, Banana and Rockmelon

Then arrange the pieces on a plate and explain how the process of skewering works, giving a helping hand for the first couple of pieces. Don’t forget to eat your fruit kebab as well! This cooking experience involves your child in an adult activity which they thrive for. Decision making is another acquired skill so why not let them decide what fruit combinations they want to explore.

Fruit Kebabs

Another method I have used has been to group colours together:

green Apples and Grapes

Bananas and Pineapple

Raspberries, Cherries and Strawberries

Blueberries and purple Grapes

This game involves a sort of Simon Says approach. ‘Put a piece of yellow fruit on your skewer’ and so on and so forth until everyone has had a turn and all have full fruit kebabs. For older children see who can demolish their kebab first!

My favourite tip for getting children to eat fruit involves drawing! I drew a fruit kebab combination and coloured it in, I then asked my little charges to ‘make’ the kebab so I could eat it. We all took turns at making a fruit kebab for each other and tasting the different fruits. Add in a few slices of carrot and celery too.

A sweet treat tip for getting children to eat fruit is to mash or puree your chosen fruits and pour the combination into a small plastic cup so they freeze and you can pop them over to eat like a cold cup or pour them into ice block makers with a paddle pop stick poking out the top of it so they can suck on a sweet and healthy snack. Add a bit of stovetop heat to certain fruit combinations for an easier puree:

Apple and Pear – peel and core

Banana and Kiwi fruit – mash

Fussy eaters or not we want our children to eat all sorts of fruit but understand it can be a slow process getting them to taste and try new things and in time they may just surprise you one day and ask for a piece of fruit.

Happy Fruiting!


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