I’m Bored!

Boot BasketWhatever the reason we are all in the car, Nanny Ju Ju always asks the kidlets to bring something of theirs along for the ride. Sometimes it’s a bag of belongings or just one small object like a toy. Other times Nanny Ju Ju relies on her boot basket which is a regular fixture in the car. If your imagination is working today, let’s call it Mary Poppin’s carpet bag. In this basket of sorts you will find reading books; colouring books; tracing and join the dot activity books; a pencil case full of textas, crayons and lead pencils; a magnifying glass; a talking dinosaur; Buzz Lightyear; a chalk book with pieces of chalk; pieces of coloured paper; little balls with bells inside, a pack of playing cards, some matchbox cars, a mini picnic rug and the usual suspects – suncream, moxie repellant, nappy bags and a packet of wipes. The kidlets love climbing over the back of the car and rummaging through the contents until they find something that catches their eye to play with in some way.

On certain days when Nanny Ju Ju is needed to do school pickups some afternoon tea is organised and a shady spot is found a street or two away from the school. The mini picnic rug is pulled out and we all enjoy a little much and crunch and game or too while we wait for the eldest little charge to finish school.

Fairy SnapOn the odd rush day – “Quick quick we have got to go go go! We are going to be late!” – a catalogue out of the junk mail pile is grabbed on the way out the door for the kidlets to read in the car. Another car activity is Snap! Great game for learning turn taking, repetition, fine motor and cognitive skills. All you need is a packet of playing cards or in Nanny Ju Ju‘s case the latest birthday present – Fairy Snap. Sometimes items in the car are just as interesting, for instance a tape measure intrigues another of my little charges the entire trip home from school! 




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