A Pocahontas Day

Off cuts of green cardboard, glitter pens and a spare 40 minutes…what else do we need to create something to play with? Imagination!

Vines to glitter

Little Miss Scallywag and Nanny Ju Ju snip, pull, paste and tape down our makeshift Willow Tree House for the Frozen figurines after decorating it with all the colours of the rainbow in glitter glue.

Willow Tree

A great project to enhance fine motor, cognitive and social skills all in one step of the project – Making the Willow Tree Vines.

The process: Drawing the shape of a vine on our green piece of scrap paper and cutting along those lines. Detailing the vine with leaves over and over again on all 20 vines. Taking turns at helping count and organise how many vines to go until they are all finished. Placing and glueing the vines to the Willow Tree House and patiently waiting for them to dry!

Detailing vinesDetailed vines

Happy Willow Treeing!


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