A Nanny’s Day

The sight seeing spot for the day was at Southbank, we plonked ourselves down on the boardwalk after walking underneath the pink and green bouganvillea vines of The Arbour. In front of us we could see the wide river, tall city buildings and the many intertwined roads taking cars and trucks to where they need to go and then a City Cat motored along in front of us…

What colour is the City Cat?City Cat Sketch Comparison
Blue and Yellow and White.

We grab our textas and note books from our bag and start to draw the City Cat as it glides past us.

We draw windows down the side, aerials on top and a motor at the back.

Oh I didn’t finish drawing it!
Another one will come along soon. We can have
another look and finish it then.

The City Hopper Ferry chugs into view.

What colour is the City Hopper?
Red and Black.
Let’s get our red and black textas.

We frantically drawing
the ferry as it goes past. A few glances up from the
notepad to the Ferry, helps us complete our drawings.


The City Cat is coming back…look!

Oh quick, where is my blue texta?

After applying the finishing touches, a title was all that was left to do before comparing our drawings. C…I…T…Y…C…A…T.

You need some river underneath your City Cat. Here you go… I will do it.


Time to play Monsters at the playground! Nanny Ju Ju scared some of the other children playing near by with her loud roar. My little charge came to the rescue! It’s alright, she is just pretending.

As Little Miss Scallywag comes running past at full speed,  She is going to get me. Perfect timing!


Moving on down the pathways we spotted the Wheel of Brisbane and decided to lie on the grass and watch it spin round and round and round in the sky – what a view from underneath. We had a game of musical seats in the yellow and red lawn chairs nearby which brought on some attention from two other children. A little boy and his brother were walking through the forest and decided to pull out a long piece of plant and turn it into a sword to cut down the dragons. Only thing was that my little charges were the dragons unbeknown to them. The dragons played along before taking shelter amongst the yellow and red castle (that being the comfortable lawn chairs).

The dragons flew off into the distance away from the two adventurous knights and onward towards The Queensland Museum.


On the way out a lovely Museum Man let Nanny Ju Ju’s little charges in on a museum secret…Roy and Matilda, two little mice that live in the museum. They were in their pyjamas when we found them after following the Museum Man’s helpful hints.

Roy & Matila

 Happy Nanny Days!



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