Plaster Moulds Found

When Nanny Ju Ju looked after some gorgeous little children to cover another nanny’s holiday she stumbled across an unopened box of ‘Mould and Paint’.The girls jumped for joy and quickly went about setting up the activity – cup of water, stirring sticks and newspaper. After reading the instructions Nanny Ju Ju explained to the girls the steps to follow to make the fairy pieces. The only downfall was we had to wait 8 hours before we could paint them, so we decided to wait until next time for Step 2.

On Nanny Ju Ju’s next visit the girls set off on a fairy plaster piece hunt around the house and looked in all the possible hide outs but didn’t have any luck. We started to organise the enormous pile of activity and colouring in books that were stashed away in a cupboard when Aha! Plaster Moulds Found! They were all nicely packed away in the box with paintbrushes and paint ready to be beautifully decorated. Us girls were beside ourselves with excitement and can finally put them on display for all to see!

A must do activity for some much needed quiet time and to enjoy being a kid in art class again.Painted Plaster Moulds

Happy Plaster Moulding!


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