Little Hands Busy

Some activities to keep little Hands Busy.

Sticker foam sheetsDrawing around foam

Peel and stick

some foam pieces

to a sheet of paper

to make road blocks

in your

hand drawn maze.



I started my little charges on puzzles by the time they were 1 year old. We started at 4 piece puzzles, then 6 pieces, 10 pieces and so on until we came to the puzzle below…100 pieces. This is my technique:

Ask your kidlet to Find all the pieces with Yellow on them and place them in a pile. Blue ones next, then Orange and so on. Then we put the straight edged pieces into another pile so we could make the border of the puzzle. These steps become a guideline for how to tackle any puzzle no matter how big or small it was.

The next step was to put all the yellow pieces together and carry it on until all the colours have been joined. Most puzzles have a huge variety of colours across them. I use this technique for puzzles with detailed pictures too – a horse and carriage in the garden with a princess and castle. For this puzzle I ask my little charges to place all the pieces with the carriage on them into a pile and so on with the other main pictures – princess, garden.

No matter what level of puzzle your kidlet is capable of completing, this technique can help them with the process. It is also important for them to not become overwhelmed by the amount of pieces and watching you do part of the puzzle will help them problem solve.




Magnet Letters

Magnets can be really fun! I have made some plaster moulds with my little charges on a few occasions and have stuck magnets to the back and used them on the fridge to hold artworks and shopping lists in place. A magnetic alphabet to arrange the letters of our name and to spell some short words like Bus and Car are handy to keep in the kitchen for a quick play. There is the added bonus of learning their numbers and letters with them too. You can pick up some magnetic tape from craft or hardware stores to stick on the back of a handmade sign. We did an airport once where we drew a runway, ‘Airport’ sign and stuck them to the fridge with the magnetic tape and used our toy aeroplanes to take off and land on the paper runway.



I like to have a spare notebook with me so at any time I can use it to draw in, One game I like is Tracing our Letters. I draw certain letters of the alphabet and my little charges take turns tracing them and then having a go at copying. Letters, numbers, certain words, their names.

Homework letters

Happy Little Busy Hands!




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