Chalk It Up

Chalk drawing can be endless, hopscotch, writing names, pictures and turning the paved path into a road with stop and give way signs, train tracks, round a bouts and also orange witches hats for the roadwork sites.

Pavement Chalk

Nanny Ju Ju and her 3 little charges decided to amp it up one day and add in a Police Station to our outside scooter play. The eldest and not so little kidlet handmade speeding tickets,vehicle registration numbers and a system for the offenders to be processed to Jail. If you were caught disobeying the list of road rules set out by said Police Officer you were pulled over with sirens flaring and spoken to about your road behaviour. A ticket was written out for you and placed on your vehicle (scooter or bike) then if you were caught a total of 3 times you were sent to jail (Cubby House on the grass) for a period of time – 5 minute timer on the mobile phone was set.

Let’s just say you had to break the law to play this game!

Happy Chalking!


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