Wheelbarrow Play

One thing I love about where I work is the proximity of parks and playgrounds. On Thursday we had a big adventure planned but instead we all decided to have a play at our local park.

After climbing; chasing and swinging until my little charges’ hearts were content we hopped skipped and jumped to a park bench to have something to eat – watermelon and bananas. The magnifying glass came out when we spotted some ants munching on their own morning tea. We followed them all the way around a tree where we then played hide n seek through the surrounding bushes.

Before leaving our little spot to go back home we took turns at playing wheelbarrows – lots of laughter to be had in this activity!

In the car I keep a selection of books and little toys like Robbie the Robot; Bumblebee Car and some pens and paper. One of my books is a chalk board with traceable pictures and a little packet of white chalk. This is one of my little charges’ favourite books. I made a mini chalkboard at home one day with cardboard from a packing box and painted it with chalkboard paint, it is approximately 60cm by 30cm. I brought it to work for the little charges to do some drawing while we were waiting to do a school pick up one day and it was that poplar that I had to bring it out of the car so they could utilise it at home. 45minutes later the little kidlets moved onto another activity!

Chalk Drawing Chalk BoardWipe DownJelly FishWhale

Happy Chalking and Wheel Barrowing!


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