Kids activities in the Heat, Rain and Wind

Sometimes you cannot help but spend some time outside so these experiences I found suit the weather types quite well.

 } Heat:

Water Play – endless options! Cups, cutlery, bowls, boats, marbles, leaves, sand, buckets and even types of pasta for an interesting Science Experiment.

Water Trough

} Rain: 

Umbrella and Gumboots – grab some and explore the change raindrops make to a garden using a Magnifying Glass or a clear plastic cup. This enables the kiddies to get up close and personal with the inhabitants. Have some fun jumping in puddles as well.

Magnifying Glass

} Windy:

Capes, Balloons and Seagull Kites – cut a seagull shape out of paper; draw on a beak, feathers and eye; attach a piece of string to the beak with sticky tape and hold it up in the wind to watch it fly!

Flying Seagulls

Nanny Ju Ju


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