Play Stations

Setting up Play Stations is a great way to foster children’s discovery of their world. You can observe all the little roles they play, languages they use and their independence while enhancing their skills – fine and gross motor, thinking processes, self awareness just to name a few.

This Play Station from today was a quick put together – a tea party outside the circus tent.

Play Stations 1

Another Play Station – incorporates the couch and other furniture to put a spin on the experience as well as use a range of toys. My little charges and I once packed a carry bag with cars, plastic forks and a packet of dominoes – it was an interesting day at the park.

PLay Station 3

My favourite Play Station is with cars and garages – don’t forget like I do sometimes it is for the kidlets as well.

Play Station 2

It doesn’t matter where you are during your day as Play Stations can be set up anywhere. All you need is to take an activity with you. I take some sandpit toys with me and my little charges to a certain park down the road from the house.

Sandpit Play

Happy Play Stationing!

Nanny Ju Ju


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