How To make a Jelly Fish

To make a Jelly Fish you will need:

} A medium sized balloon

} Sticky Tape

} 5 pages of newspaper

} Scissors

} Length of String approx 15 cm long

} A permanent marker

} Step 1: Cut long strips of the newspaper about 3 cm wide.

} Step 2: Blow up the balloon and tie in a knot. Tie the piece of string to the balloon knot – you can make this into a loop for the kiddies to use as a handle.

} Step 3: Set up some pieces of sticky tape to secure the newspaper strips to the base of the balloon.

} Step 4: Lastly draw a silly face on the balloon with the permanent maker.

Newspaper Jelly Fish

**Note: To add some more detail to your Jelly Fish, paint or colour the newspaper prior to cutting it into strips. Cellophane, cling wrap, ribbon or string could also be used as an alternative to newspaper and glue little plastic jewels and sequins to them for some sparkle.

My little charges and I played Jelly Fish Tag once we made enough Jelly Fish. We swam around the house announcing ‘Sting’ each time we caught each other.


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