Pirates in the Park

One of my little charges brought home a decorated cardboard Treasure Chest from Kindy, immediately ideas started to swirl! I packed my bag with a handmade Newspaper Pirate Hat; a dress up box pirate hat, cardboard tube (our telescope for the day), two notepads, two pencils and my little charge’s Treasure ChestWe walked to the nearest park and once our pirate hats were upon our heads we climbed aboard our make believe Pirate Ship.

Newspaper Pirate Hat

We spotted whales, sharks and mermaids before Land Ahoy!
We found land and climbed off our playground pirate ship to source a good spot to bury our treasure. Dipping our toes in the ocean (sand) we zig zagged around the coconuts (tree roots) and climbed over the rocks (sticks) to find the perfect spot amongst the long grass beneath a great big tree. We covered the Treasure Chest with long seed pods that we’re lying around underneath the Jacaranda Tree instead of digging a hole for the treasure. 20131211-131120.jpg

We walked back to our Pirate Ship counting our steps to draw our own Treasure Maps. The drawings came out interesting and each one was used to find our buried treasure after another sail around our discovered island.


Happy Pirates!


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