Glittered Pine Cones

Part II

So it had been a few days since storing the Pine Cones in a cool dry spot and they opened up nicely and most of the Pine Cones were able to stand up by themselves also. I attached some twine to the top of each Pine Cone so we could hang them from the tree if needed as well as attach a name tag to each with some scrap paper and sticky tape.

Wrapped Pine Cones

The prep work took a bit to set up as when working with glitter it has a tendency to go EVERYWHERE. Plenty of newspaper and old towels were placed; baby wipes were on hand and a plastic serving tray for each colour of glitter was used. Time for the fun part…

Glittered Pine Cones

After placing the chosen Pine Cone on the plastic serving tray, each of my little charges painted (with a little help from Nanny Ju Ju) their Pine Cone with PVA glue and gently shook a little jar of fine glitter over it.

Changing glitter colours was as simple as transferring the Pine Cone to another plastic serving tray and starting the process again with the chosen colour. At the end of the experience I collected the excess glitter from each serving tray and tipped it into its allocated jar with a tiny funnel.

Finished Pine Cones

The finished pieces I believe add a touch of sparkle to my little charges Christmas decorations.

Happy Glittering!


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