A Pine Cone Outing

It’s that time of year again when we start to prepare our Christmas goodies and drag out the decorations while someone else is making a list and checking it twice. When thinking about our own traditions, it’s lovely hearing about my little charges’ family also. Setting up the Christmas tree is a favourite as well as making cards and wrapping paper.

A little tradition I have of my own is collecting Pine Cones and decorating them with glitter and sequins. I started this tradition as a little girl with my family in Townsville, we would drive to a church surrounded by pine trees and collect as many as we could carry.

I took my youngest charge to a beautiful park with a very tall pine tree the other day and we carried our basket amongst the purple flowers and white dandelions and found 1,2,3,4….5 Pine Cones.

Pine Cone Collecting

After carefully picking them up we skipped back to the car and took them home to dry out for a day or two in a cool dry cupboard.

To Be Continued…Part II Glittered Pine Cones


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